Monday, July 11, 2016

Those that know me, know I do not like to speak the first hour I am up in the morning. I need my coffee!
 Well Sal has a new behavior lately, which is getting up early. He was sleeping until between 10am til noon..but now he's getting up about 7, the same time as me. So now I am learning
to not only speak (LOL), but to get him changed, dressed, get his juice, meds and insulin shot
before I've had my coffee! Then comes breakfast. Next clean the kitchen, start laundry.
 DEPENDS...They do not always fit right and sometimes hubby takes them off in the night.
So for me that means laundry every day. I also spray anywhere that has gotten "wet" with straight takes the smell away.
 Sal has arthritis in his hips and spine so his walking is not very good..not to mention he falls close to once a week. He is a big man that for 45 years worked out with weights every other day.
I cannot get him off the floor. I have had to call the Fire department twice in the last 3 months to get him up.
Right now he is watching TV but asking where are kids are. He has forgotten they are grown up and live out on their own. Yesterday afternoon he wanted to call his daughter because he said he hadn't talked to her for awhile...forgetting that she and the granddaughters were here the day before. So far he remembers everyone, but his short term memory is gone. "Yesterday" is just a word, he doesn't remember yesterday..or even this morning.
Well I need to get to my art work now...more later...


  1. On a practical note, I bought a stack of these, which are washable, and much easier to change, and wash, than sheets, etc.

  2. If you can get hospice home care, they will supply you with disposable pads, free of cost.

  3. Suzie...I have washable bed pads, and I put 2 on the bed..but he still gets them wet..and always the top sheet..sometimes the bottom sheet as well