Thursday, July 21, 2016


Something I keep forgetting to express...There is a loneliness that comes with this disease.
I imagine that is probably true of any major illness.
The man that I shared things with, is really not there anymore. It's like I'm grieving while he's still here. I can't talk to him like I used to..or anything else for that matter. It's like he has become my "child" to take care of. While I do love this man deeply, even that has changed into
something different. It's hard to describe.
There really is no more conversation, affection and sex has been out of the picture for almost 2 yrs now. You just feel alone. Some don't come visit because they are uncomfortable with the disease, some come for an hour just to say they came...but we don't have many visitors at all.
No one to converse with! TG I have my BFF whom I talk to a couple times a week...
Sometimes the loneliness is overwhelming .

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