Thursday, July 14, 2016

So yesterday was a "calm Alzheimer's day"...Thank goodness for those kinds of days!
I am an artist trying to get ready for fall shows, and I got quite a bit done yesterday!
This morning is starting off not so time will tell how the day will go.
I woke up at 6am, got up..grabbed a cup of coffee and took my Winston outside to potty.
When I came back in, hubby's bedroom door was open, and there was a large amount of pee on the entry floor tile. He gets confused about where the bathrooms are..I am just grateful it wasn't on the carpet. He of course said he didn't pee on the floor. He went back to bed, so I'm not sure if he wants to sleep more or get up.
If you are caring for someone with dementia you've probably noticed how "child like" your loved one becomes. It is like taking care of a large kid. Some days it is so difficult to watch this man that I've loved for 37 yrs to revert to childhood. I still picture in my head the big strong man I married, and hopping on our Harley.. going for a ride where ever the wind would take us. The last time he rode the Harley he forgot to put gas in it and ran out...he also dropped it at his daughters house. After that I took the keys and hid them..we ended up selling sad..
I'm off to start my day...

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