Sunday, July 10, 2016

The beginning

July 10, 2016
My husband  of 36 yrs, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in September of 2013. It made everything make sense, and, when I really thought about it...I could actually go back 2 more years when it started. My husband ( Sal) has always had a lousy memory when it came to anything other than work. However, 5 yrs ago he started doing things like locking his keys inside his truck, he couldn't find address's of places he was putting in job applications, etc.
It wasn't until he started confusing thinks like calling his wallet his cell phone.... and telling me he couldn't find his wallet, when he meant his cell phone...that I really came to the realization that something was really wrong and called the Dr.
 Earlier, in March of 2013, he was in the hospital with Meningitis (brain infection) for 3 weeks.
He had a small stroke while he was there. His Dr thinks this is to blame for the Alzheimer's progressing so fast. He also has Hep C and diabetes..and is in the 5-6 stage of Alzheimer's.
 So this all is the background for his medical conditions and tomorrow I will start writing about our daily goings on. 

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