Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I am going to pick up here where I left off yesterday...
So hubby got up several more times and ended up falling twice, TG he didn't hurt himself other than a skinned elbow. I asked him several times to please not get up. He finally got mad and told me "You just get worse and worse every day"....and " I don't know who's crazier..you or me"...LOL. It never occurs to him that he may be wrong. He has always been a stubborn man, and quite frankly a "handful"..well it's true even more now.
Every evening he goes thru what they call "sun downing", many people with ALZ, dementia or a history of strokes go thru this. For us, it starts around 5 pm. He starts by fidgeting with the string in his shorts or the pockets. He always want to get the scissors and cut the strings off or the pocket flap. He thinks they are broken no matter how many times I tell him " that's the way they are". A couple of weeks ago, he had convinced himself that he had murdered someone the week before and the police were coming after him. It was awful, really.
He goes to bed and will get up in an hour thinking it's time to get up, and time to go to work.
Sometimes I can get him back in bed, and back to sleep..other days we go thru this the entire night.
Once he got up early in the morning and wondered outside, TG he came back in! That day I put baby proof things on the door knobs, he hasn't tried it again.
I have a baby monitor in our bedrooms, but sometimes I don't hear him or he has unplugged it!
You cannot be a WIMP when dealing with ALZ..it is unforgiving, does not care what you have planned..It rears it's ugly head whenever it wants...Life right now..as I'm typing he got up out of his chair again wondering around. I asked him to go sit down before he falls..he told me I'm
like an evil stepmother..LOL. And, did I mention you need tough skin?!

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