Thursday, August 4, 2016

Well things were fairly quiet until Tues. My husband wanted to see on of his son's who lives about 3 hrs away. He called my step daughter to see if she would take him. She told him "Tomorrow we'll go Dad"...thinking by "tomorrow" he'd forget. Well he didn't and kept asking me what time he was I called my step daughter and told her. She talked to him and told him they'd go this weekend..(which they aren't). Sometimes it works to just go along with him..but sometimes it doesn't.
 Yesterday afternoon he asked me if I could call the office. I asked him what for, and he told me to see what time this ship leaves (our mobile home)..A little while after that he asked me where my uniform was. I asked what uniform...he said "Your Navy Uniform" !...
All this about the ship and Navy was because he watching a program about an old Navy battleship..The mind is so strange...the Alzheimers mind is even stranger :(

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