Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I haven't been here the last few days. I've been working quite a bit, getting ready for my fall shows.
 The last 3 days have been very difficult with mu hubby. He keeps asking me where his little brother is. That brother passed away 25 yrs ago! I don't want to tell him that because I'm afraid he will grieve all over again. So..I just keep saying " he's probably at work..or maybe he's asleep"...thinking of everything to say hoping he will forget so that I won't have to tell him his brother has passed :(
 Yesterday we went 'round again about wanting to go "home"..I tell him "we are home", he gets angry..I walk away. This he told me he was going to call the cops because " One of us is looney" were his exact words. I had him sit down and I explained to him about this mobile home and how we've been here for 9 months already and he doesn't remember because he has a "problem with his short term memory"...He seemed fine after that. Some days this Alzheimer's is just exhausting..for both of us. I don't like having to make all the decisions myself about everything..but I do it! It makes me not so popular with some people but I have to do the best I can for us...I'm tired

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